I instantly gravitated toward Nick Huggins on the day of Art Not Apart as he too had a sonic exhibition for the festival, his more on performance based than my installation piece Phonosphere.

We had a chat about our respective projects and it became clear we both had a passion for listening, recording and all things sound related. Nick explained the unrecognizable part of his setup which was both and  conceptualized and produced by himself which I found inspiring and thought provoking.

It was the six knobs on top of the mixer that caught my eye. They control the pitch of six cassette players that are feeding 6 passive and discrete speakers on the steps in the photo. He had a handful of cassettes with different sounds and loops on them, all being feed to the discrete speakers, all with a pitch control you could speed up or slow down. Fantastic. Did I mention their power was daisy chained?

Here’s a little info about Nick from two bright lakes which is the record label that released his two albums. Enjoy.

Nick Huggins is a guy who mucks around with sound for very many hours of the day and night, even when sleeping. He’s produced records for Mick Turner, Khancoban, Oscar + Martin, Seagull, Hazel Brown, Hello Satellites, Otouto, Psuche, Whitley and Kid Sam among others. He is 1/3 of Touch Typist, fond of chocolate and has just released his sophomore album Five Lights.

Nick has created a dedicated website to showcase music, video and words from the Five Lights project, you can visit it here.


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