I instantly gravitated toward Nick Huggins on the day of Art Not Apart as he too had a sonic exhibition for the festival, his more on performance based than my installation piece Phonosphere.

We had a chat about our respective projects and it became clear we both had a passion for listening, recording and all things sound related. Nick explained the unrecognizable part of his setup which was both and  conceptualized and produced by himself which I found inspiring and thought provoking.

It was the six knobs on top of the mixer that caught my eye. They control the pitch of six cassette players that are feeding 6 passive and discrete speakers on the steps in the photo. He had a handful of cassettes with different sounds and loops on them, all being feed to the discrete speakers, all with a pitch control you could speed up or slow down. Fantastic. Did I mention their power was daisy chained?

Here’s a little info about Nick from two bright lakes which is the record label that released his two albums. Enjoy.

Nick Huggins is a guy who mucks around with sound for very many hours of the day and night, even when sleeping. He’s produced records for Mick Turner, Khancoban, Oscar + Martin, Seagull, Hazel Brown, Hello Satellites, Otouto, Psuche, Whitley and Kid Sam among others. He is 1/3 of Touch Typist, fond of chocolate and has just released his sophomore album Five Lights.

Nick has created a dedicated website to showcase music, video and words from the Five Lights project, you can visit it here.

Can’t. Stop. Listening.

Location sound on Reddit

Location sound on Reddit

Phonosphere installation at Art Not Apart 2013.

Recording some underwater action using a pair of JrF Hydrophones

I promised a while back to upload my 5.1 surround field recordings.

It is complete but tumblr has  an issue with sound files over 10meg.

Now is a better time than ever to start a soundcloud account I guess.


One take.

Recorded with one mic in a living room.