Drum and Bass vs. Dubstep (google search trends)

Dubstep verus Drum and Bass in a google search showdown.

Dubstep has a big spike in popularity at the end 2009 continuing to the present.

Drum and Bass has had an overall drop in searches from 2004 through to present, but is far more consistant than dubstep.

The two searches were neck to neck mid 2009.

The rise in dubstep searches I think would have something to do with electronic music production in general has become easier and cheaper to produce. In the earlier days of drum and bass production, a studio capable of producing the sounds was more expensive than today’s VST instruments and DAWs, generally harder to operate and required more than a personal computer to get your tune out there. The music industry has changed dramatically in the past ten years bring new ways of producing, promoting, selling, or not selling music to your audience.

In the last ten years the internet has grown as a vehicle to promote yourself and your music making the potential audience a lot larger than in the past. To hear Drum and Bass ten years ago was a lot harder than searching google or youtube and clicking the first link. Dubstep has utilized the internet from it’s inception starting with a potentially bigger audience than drum and bass from the get go.


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