I listened to Aphex Twin album Richard D. James last night while I was painting in the shed.

Forgot about this absolutely stunning tune.


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Did you ever wonder?

How loud can a sound wave be?

100 whooshes

Great tutorial / information on creative way of generating more and more whooshes!


The sound of trees

Interesting project that captures the sound a tree’s vascular system generates using contact microphones.

More information here.


Sample rates – When is higher is better and when it isn’t

Digital audio in your life? Have a read of this.

It’s by no means the word of the digital audio god, but it brings up some very interesting arguements.

I found the “…special quality captured by that 192KHz is retained when down sampling to 44.1KHz…” something to think about further.


Testing post


Hello world!

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The one thing that can save most of our problems is dancing

James Brown

Yay sayer